Ben Azadi – Keto Kamp Academy

, November 9, 2022,

Ben Azadi Keto Kamp Academy

Ben Azadi I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Ben Azadi over the past few weeks after meeting him at KetoCon 2022. I signed up for his week-long free Keto Kamp Challenge and won a year-long membership to his Keto Kamp Academy. To say I was thrilled is the understatement of the …

Keto Coach Interview 1 – Mary Roberts

, November 9, 2022,

Ketogenic Coach - Mary Roberts

Keto Coach Mary Roberts Interview I have had the pleasure of getting to know Keto Coach Mary Roberts over the past 4 years after following her on social media, hiring her good friend, Katrina Harris, as my keto coach, and finally meeting her at KetoCon 2022. She was kind enough to give me input on …