Bioindividuality – What is it?

, May 8, 2023,


Bioindividuality What is it? The concept of bioindividuality refers to the acknowledgment of the fact that every person is physically and genetically distinct and, as a result, has their own particular requirements in terms of what they eat, how much they exercise, and the ways in which they choose to live their lives. Bioindividuality is …

What Can I Eat on Keto – Keto Friendly Foods

, December 27, 2022,

Keto friendly Foods

What Can I Eat on Keto This article shares answers to the question, “What can I eat on Keto?” If you don’t know much about the keto diet and all the benefits from eating a ketogenic diet, start HERE Keto Friendly Foods The most important part of starting the keto diet and/or low carb lifestyle …

What Is Keto or the Keto Diet

, December 27, 2022,

What is Keto

What is Keto or the Keto Diet and what are the benefits? The Keto Diet is actually short for the “Ketogenic Diet.” Ketogenic is a metabolic state, not actually a way of eating. The Keto Diet is considered to be what you eat to get your body into the ketogenic metabolic state. The diet works …

Why Some Whole Foods are Not Keto Friendly

, July 1, 2022,

Foods not Keto Friendly

Some of you may object to our “Objectionable” rating on certain ingredients and ask why some whole foods are not keto friendly. “Why isn’t corn keto-friendly? It’s a whole food!” “Isn’t honey better than a sugar alcohol?” “Aren’t whole peas healthier than processed Pea Protein Powder?” “Wouldn’t it be better to eat fresh fruit than …

Sugar Addiction

, July 1, 2022,

Sugar Addiction

Do I Have a Sugar Addiction? Most of you reading this article likely have a true sugar addiction. WAIT!! Was your first response to roll your eyes, quickly reach for the “X” out option, or to immediately dismiss the word “addiction?” I can hear the rebuttal’s already: “Addiction? I love my food, but it’s not …