Zevia Keto Cherry Soda – 12 Oz Can – 24 Pack – Sugar Free – Diet Soda

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Zevia Keto Cherry Soda: Complex in flavor and easy to drink, Zevia Cherry Cola is a stevia sweetened diet soda that combines natural cherry flavors and our popular Cola, which has light citrusy notes

Sugar Free

Zevia is a brand guided by its mission to address the global health challenges resulting from excess sugar consumption by offering a variety of zero-sugar, zero-calorie, and naturally sweetened beverages.

Zevia Keto Cherry Soda has Guilt Free Ingredients

All flavors of Zevia Soda contain no sugar, 0 calories, no caramel color, no artificial sweeteners, and are naturally sweetened with stevia so you can feel guilt-free and enjoy the drinks you love without making any compromises. Zevia Soda is a flavorful, better-for-you alternative to conventional and diet sodas.


Carbonated Water / Stevia Leaf Extract / Tartaric Acid / Natural Flavors

/ Citric Acid / Caffeine

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