Rip Van Vanilla WAFERS – Low Carb – Keto Friendly

It’s Time for a Better Snack

Our Rip Van Vanilla WAFERS have 80% less sugar than theleading wafer snack


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Rip Van Vanilla WAFERS

Why Choose Rip Van WAFERS?

  • Healthy Snack with Only 1g of Sugar: Contains 1g of Sugar, 4g of net carbs, 0g Trans Fat, 120 calories, and 7g of Fiber
  • Simple Clean Ingredients: No artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, trans fat, soy, or high fructose corn syrup
  • Authentic Flavor from Natural Ingredients: Snack wafers made with real vanilla extract.
  • Snackable and Packable: Healthy snack food for the office, lunch boxes, post workout or breakfast on the go.


Palm Fruit Oil / Vegetable Fiber / Wheat Flour / Sugar / Sugar Cane Fiber / Vanilla Extract / Canola Lecithin / Coconut Oil / Salt / Stevia Leaf Extract / Baking Soda


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