The Keto Prescription Clinic Dr Jodi Nishida

Hawaii’s only accredited Low Carb / Keto Clinic. No expensive pre-packaged meals, bars, or shakes. Just real food with lots of education and support.  That’s our promise to you.

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The Keto Prescription Clinic Founded by Dr. Jodi Nishida

The Keto Prescription Dr. Jodi Nishina

Dr. Jodi, founder of The Keto Prescription Clinic, is a doctor of Pharmacy and an accredited metabolic Healthcare Practitioner who’s been in healthcare for over 25 years. After experiencing the ketogenic lifestyle’s effect on her own autoimmune condition, she decided to build a keto-based medical practice so others could benefit from it, too.

Over the last few years, Dr. Jodi has helped over 1000 patients realize the benefits of clean, medically-guided keto.

With certifications in ketogenic nutrition, cardiovascular disease management, pharmacogenomics, and medication management, Dr. Jodi works closely with each and every patient to tailor keto to their medications, medical conditions, lifestyle, and socioeconomic situation.  She is also in training for processed food addiction recovery as this is America’s true pandemic.

Any change in dietary habits should be under the supervision of a trained medical professional.  Dr. Jodi has earned her credentials and accreditation as a Metabolic Health Practitioner.  As she teaches you how to do a clean version of the ketogenic diet, she will also communicate with your doctor, order appropriate lab tests, and help to adjust your medications accordingly.