Shrewd Food Keto Krac Bar – Milk Chocolate

Once you try the Shrewd Keto Krac Bar, you will agree with the name and realize they are totally addictive! Krac Bars are reminiscent of that famous crunchy chocolate bar with krispies. It’s sure to dazzle your taste buds after the first bite. Shrewd Foods made a no-sugar-added candy bar that will satisfy your sweet tooth without knocking you out of ketosis.

3 g Net Carbs and 7 g of protein make this candy bar worthy of a daily place at your table.


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Why choose Shrewd Food Keto Krac Bar?

Caring about who Shrewd Food is is a big deal! If you’re going to trust a snack company to deliver everything you always wanted in a snack and more, you need to feel confident that they’ll do it right. That’s why you can trust Shrewd Food to deliver their promise of offering high-quality snacks to the masses.

They are the premier high protein, low carb, low sugar, low-calorie snack choice for everyone including kids, parents, diabetic and bariatric patients, keto followers, fitness enthusiasts, health nuts, and athletes.

Shrewd Food Protein Puffs are gluten-free, non-GMO, contain no peanuts, or tree-nuts, soy-free, egg-free, Kosher dairy and have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Whew! Simply put, their snacks have more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Start your Shrewd snacking today.


By eating healthy, you are giving yourself the gift of becoming the best version of yourself. The gift of making better-for-you choices is self-care at its best! Honest snacking is coming back and there is no shame in wolfing down a serving of Shrewd Food Protein Puffs because the benefits are right on the front of the bag! Shrewd Food doesn’t hide them and neither should you. Their Keto Krac Bar is low in carbs and fat while being extra high in protein! The bars satisfy your craving for crunch without sacrificing taste, texture, or quality. Becoming a smarter snacker means you can be Shrewd in your choices. Make today’s choices be better than yesterday’s. So be Shrewd, and start snacking smarter.


Milk Chocolate = (Cocoa Butter / Erythritol / Unsweetened Chocolate / Whole Milk Powder / Inulin / Nonfat Dry Milk / Soy Lecithin / Natural Vanilla Extract / Salt / Stevia Extract) / Milk Protein Isolate / Coconut Oil

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