Rip Van Mint Keto Cookies – LEOS – Low Carb

The World’s Leading Cookie Reinvented

Our Mint Keto Cookies are made with just 1/5 the sugar of the leading sandwich cookie!


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Rip Van Mint Keto Cookies

Why Choose Rip Van Mint Keto Cookies over regular cookies?

Low Sugar

Too much sugar isn’t good for us! It can lead to sugar spikes and, in the long run, overconsumption can contribute to metabolic diseases.

Keto Friendly

Prebiotic fiber feeds your gut’s good bacteria which helps with digestion and gut health.

Low Glycemic

Rip Van’s low glycemic index means it can be a daily part of maintaining consistent blood glucose levels, as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

High Fiber

Most Americans need more fiber! Rip Van is a delicious way to get 6g of the USDA recommended daily allowance of 30g of fiber.


Palm Fruit Oil / Vegetable Fiber / Sugar / Milk Protein / Wheat Flour / Allulose / Sugar Cane Fiber / Cocoa (processed with alkali) / Wheat Starch / Oat Fiber / Sea Salt / Baking Soda / Natural Flavors / Sunflower LecithinStevia Leaf Extract

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