Project 7 Keto Friendly Gummy Bears – Low Carb

Our classic, fruity keto friendly gummy bears are bursting with 6 magical flavors per bag: Front Porch Lemonade, Watermelon Wizard, Hawaiian Sunrise, Blackberry Kiss, Kiwi Sublime and Grapefruit Spritz.

  • 3g sugar per bag
  • 6g net carbs per bag
  • Only 60 calories per bag!
  • Plant-based & Vegan
  • Free from IMO, maltitol, sugar alcohols and inulin
  • 18g of fiber per bag
  • Made with natural colors and flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Crafted with magic and love
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Project 7 Keto Friendly Gummy Bears

Our juicy and fruity keto friendly gummy bears have 6 magical flavors per bag! With only 3g sugar, 6g net carbs and 60 calories per bag, this plant-based candy is a WIN!


Soluble Corn Fiber / Allulose / Organic Cane Sugar / Citric Acid / Pectin / Sodium Citrate / Natural Flavors (Lemonade, Strawberry, Kiwi-Lime, Elderberry, Tropical, Watermelon-Grapefruit) / Colored with: Fruit Concentrate (Blueberry / Black Currant) / Vegetable Concentrate (Carrot / Sweet Potato) / Organic Sunflower Oil / Colored with: Spirulina Extracts / Stevia Extract / Carnauba Wax

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