KetoHC Premium Ketone Breath Meter

  • Keto Made Easy: Whether at home, or on the go, we have a one-step solution to monitoring your individual ketone levels. With just one breath, our ketone breath analyzer will detect and display your reading. It’s that easy.

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  • Boost Weight Loss: Discover with confidence foods and activities that improve your health goals with Keto-HC’s advanced sensor technology.
  • Convenient: Our Premium Ketone Breath Meter saves you from finger pricks, and the device can be used repeatedly by replacing the mouthpiece; the ketone breath testing is a far more accurate method than urine strip testing, and also more convenient because you only need to breathe with the ketone monitor.
  • Unlimited Usage: The Keto breath meter is uniquely designed to detect ketones by acetone. What does this mean for you? Quite simply, no more invasive finger-pricks or placing endless orders for test strips. Today’s investment will provide you with years of effective and accurate ketone management.
  • Risk-Free: We are driven by customer satisfaction and offer a 30 days guarantee and 2 years free warranty in support of this. Our support team is US based and provides accessible, practical solutions to whatever problem you may be facing.