Pluck Organ Meats Seasoning – Keto Friendly – Paleo – Low Carb

From meat and fish to vegetables, Pluck organ meats seasoning will both awaken your dishes and your palate with the natural umami taste of organ meat. An easy way to turn all your meals and snacks into an emphatically delicious, nutrient-rich superfood.

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Pluck Organ Meats Seasoning

Have you ever heard of Organ Meats Seasoning? At Pluck, we’re all about organ meats, yet not just any organ meats. Quality is everything when eating any part of an animal. We define quality as grass-fed, grass-finished, humanely treated, pasture-raised animals raised with no GMOs or hormones. “As close to nature as possible” is what I say.

There’s a lot of what is wrong in our current agricultural systems, but more and more farms are pivoting to what is right: Regenerative Agriculture. With diverse crop coverage and no tilling we can change not only the food produced on these farms but our health as well.  We are what we eat AND what we eat eats.


Onion / Beef Organ Meat Blend (Liver / Kidney / Spleen / Heart / Pancreas) / Redmond Real Salt / Organic Smoked Paprika / Organic Lemon Peel / Organic Garlic / Organic Parsley / Organic Mustard / Organic Thyme

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This is based on 40 g. A serving is 0.5 g.

Manufacturer's Note

Pluck Organ Seasoning mix has 15% organ meat which means you're getting micro-dosing in frequent use. Thus the importance of using Pluck regularly.