NutriSense CGM

The best way to engage with your blood glucose levels. Understand how foods and other factors affect your glucose levels. Invaluable information every moment of every day with no finger sticks!

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nutrisense continuous glucose monitor

What is a Nutrisense CGM?

The Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is a small device that stays on the back of your arm and monitors your glucose values 24/7. Use a CGM to track:

Real-time glucose
Glucose response to meals
Fasting and meal timing
Physical activity and exercise routines
Stress and sleep
Habits and routines


nutrisense continuous glucose monitor


Analyze in real-time how your glucose levels respond to food, exercise, stress, and sleep. By using a the Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor, you can learn how your glucose levels change in response to things like eating, sleeping, stress, and more.


It’s not easy to form positive routines. Having a personal dietitian coach can aid in long-term behavior modification.


You can only manage what you can measure. Keeping tabs on your data is a great way to ensure your success, set experiments and reach your goals.

Due to bioindividuality, meaning we are all so very diverse in how we respond physically and mentally to literally everything in our lives, each nutrisense member’s journey is different. Here is what a typical membership journey looks like.

1st & 2nd Month: Discover – This month you will learn not only how to use the CGM and the app, but you will start to discover what causes your glucose levels to vary. Your dietitian will also help you to understand why this is happening and interpret what it means.


3rd – 6th Month: Optimize – Now you can take what you have discovered about your blood sugar data and use those findings to begin to optimize your diet and lifestyle in ways that keep your blood sugar levels healthy and stable.

6th – 9th Month: Improve – This is where the magic happens. Now that you understand how your blood sugar levels respond to your diet and lifestyle, and after working with a nutritionist to fine-tune your foods, activity levels, stress levels, sleep habits, etc, you get to watch your blood sugars respond and improve in dramatic ways. Your blood sugar is truly able to be controlled completely by you and living a life for optimal metabolic health will bring those levels into a safe and healthy range for almost everyone.

9th – 12th  Month and beyond: Lasting Changes – You are now the master of your health and you have your blood sugars under control. You have learned what you can eat, what you can’t eat, how external factors and stressors affect your glucose levels, and what to expect in almost every situation regarding your glucose levels.

**This product listing and the information contained therein is exclusively intended for maintaining and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices such as promoting or maintaining a healthy weight, encouraging healthy eating, assisting with weight loss goals, and managing stress with CGM-guided wellness coaching.