Max Mallow Keto Marshmallow Treats – Birthday Funfetti

NEW RELEASE! Limited-edition Funfetti Glitter Birthday Cake Sugar-Free Max Mallows. Fueled with collagen, prebiotic fiber, and MCT oil, these snack worthy mallows are packed with nutrition!

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Meet Max! The first keto ZERO SUGAR marshmallow to come to market. Our snackworthy keto marshmallow treats love to be a snack, work great in baking, and is a perfect addition to your favorite morning Know Brainer beverage. Max is the perfect treat for anyone who is following Keto, Paleo, Weight Watchers, or a diabetic diet, which for me is paramount considering more than 1 in every ten adults 20 years or older is diagnosed with diabetes every year in the US, according to the CDC.

Our sweeteners: For our sweetener, we use inulin which promotes gut health, helps you lose weight, and manage diabetes. We also use Birch Xylitol, which prevents tooth decay, and monk fruit, both high in antioxidants. We also use allulose for a selection of products that do not have sugar alcohols.


Xylitol / Inulin / Monk Fruit Sweetener Blend = (Erythritol / Monk Fruit Extract) Gelatin / Collagen Peptides / MCT Oil / Natural Flavor / Glitter = (Erythritol / Beet Root / Annato)

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