Dr Johns Sugar Free Lollipop – Creamsicle – Keto Friendly – Low Carb

Looking for a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded, artificially flavored candies but not sure what to try? We’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Sweets Collection that includes assorted flavors of lollipops, taffies, caramels, and hard candies. These sugar-free and tooth-friendly candies are the perfect mixes to add some guilt-free pleasure to your life.

• Gluten-free and soy-free
• No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
• Made Kosher and in a nut-free facility

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Dr Johns Sugar Free Lollipop – Creamsicle

The Art and Science of Candy

We were the first to craft a delicious sugar-free lollipop. Then, we took our love for culinary science and confectionery art even further by creating candy that is made with all-natural ingredients, fortified with important nutrients, and is tooth-friendly. But, you’d never know if we hadn’t told you. They taste that good!

Feel good. Do good.

Rest assured, you can feel good, and guilt-free, about enjoying and sharing this delectably wholesome sweets with everyone you love. Even better, a portion of every purchase you make supports charities that promote children’s health. Sweet!


Dextrin (dietary Fiber) / Erythritol / Xylitol / Citric Acid / Ascorbic Acid  / Natural Flavors, / Fruit Juice (for color) / Vegetable Juice (for color / Spirulina Extract (for color) / Turmeric (for color) / Stevia Leaf Extract

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