Keto Cocktail Recipe Book – 75 Low Carb Cocktail Recipes

The ultimate keto cocktail recipe book for low-carb drinking―75 easy, keto-friendly cocktail recipes

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The ultimate keto cocktail recipe book for low-carb drinking

Find out how you can enjoy all your favorite alcoholic beverages while living the keto lifestyle with the Keto Cocktail Recipe Book by Tasha Metcalf. This book is a keto diet cookbook featuring easy-to-make, low-carb versions of classic and innovative cocktail recipes―plus a selection of tasty happy hour bites―that you can enjoy while sticking to your diet.

From learning how many carbs are in every kind of alcohol to hangover hacks, discover all there is to know about drinking while maintaining ketosis with this keto diet cookbook. Learn the terminology, the flair, and even the proper glasses to use so you can create your favorite invigorating low-carb libations, like Sidecars, Moscow Mules, and Frosé Slushies.

This specialized keto diet cookbook includes:

  • Upgraded classics―This keto diet cookbook teaches you how to make 75 delicious cocktails, ranging from old favorites to brand new inventions―all low- or no-carb.
  • Pub grub―Complement your cocktails with 25 keto-friendly bar food recipes―including Fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls, Hangover Homies, and Drunken Gummy Bears―in this keto diet cookbook.
  • Easily organized―Pick your perfect drink with recipes organized by spirit and featuring handy net carb labels so you can quickly tell if a drink is within your daily carb goals.

Going keto doesn’t have to mean missing out on great drinks thanks to this unique keto diet cookbook.