Good Dee’s Keto Carrot Cake Mix – Low Carb

Good Dee’s Keto Carrot Cake Mix is LOW CARB & FREE OF GLUTEN, GRAINS, & DAIRY.

Good Dee’s carrot cake and muffin mix is full of healthy fiber. Made with high quality no sugar added, gluten free, dairy free, and yes, shame free ingredients so you can end each day feeling great about your food choices. Keto carrot muffins and cakes do not compromise taste or quality. Pairing well with our whipped vanilla frosting for an easy, sugar free cake, our cakes and muffins are sweet enough to be that special treat!

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Good Dee’s Keto Carrot Cake Mix

DELECTABLE KETO CARROT CAKE MIX: Treat your tastebuds to carrot-y delight muffins and cake. Good Dee’s Carrot Muffin and Cake mix is a delicious, rich tasting, diet-friendly baking mix made with wholesome ingredients for a sweet treat. Perfect gluten free option for any health-conscious dieter. The versatility of this baking mix allows you to customize it for any special diet, taste, or occasion so you can get creative. Light, fluffy with carrot shreds, you won’t miss out.


No gluten and no added preservatives, our low carb carrot cake mix is plant based with our high-quality watermelon seed flour. A perfect gluten free option for any health-conscious dieter. These muffins are not only a healthier way to hit that carrot-cake spot, they make for a splendid treat on occasions. Food sensitivities shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your food. With our low carb carrot muffin and cake baking mix, you can indulge once again.


With Good Dee’s Low Carb Baking Mix, you are just minutes away from biting into warm, melt-in-your mouth muffins that won’t wreck your health goals. Good Dee’s Carrot Cake Mix is 3g net carb per serving, sugar free and easy to make. Customize this cake to your liking and serve as a light dessert or alongside your morning coffee. The carrot muffin and cakes will replace the longing for those spring parties filled with sugar. Our cake is nothing short of amazing.


Good Dee’s offers a variety of mixes, including cake mixes, cookie mixes, and pancake mixes. Pair this mix with our just add water vanilla frosting mix and sprinkles.


Good Dee’s uses the best ingredients we can find, not only for our Keto Carrot Cake Mix, but for all of our products! We use non-GMO erythritol, no sugar added chocolate chips, and stevia. To put it in perspective, each piece will come out to less than a dollar and even less if you make 24 servings versus 12. I think we can all agree-it is more expensive to grab a cookie at the local cafe that is filled with wheat, gluten and sugar.

Our baking mixes are made with grain free flours.

Flours we use: Almond flour, Sunflower Seed Flour, Watermelon Seed Flour, Peanut Flour

Sweeteners we use: Erythritol, Stevia, Allulose, Monk Fruit


Watermelon Seed Flour / Sunflower Seed Flour / Erythritol / Carrots / Soluble Corn Fiber / Corn Free Baking Powder  / Carrot Powder / Cinnamon / Nutmeg / Salt / Stevia Extract






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Good Dee's makes their own in-house grain free baking powder that replaces corn starch with tapioca starch. Either baking powder is keto friendly, as the amount is so small, it is negligible in the carb amount.