KEHO Bar Tex Mex Moments – Keto Friendly – Low Carb

TACO MINUS THE SHELL: No time for a taco truck? Take a tex mex moment. It has a rich smoky flavor with a touch of heat from chili peppers, tempered by tomatillo and herbs. It’s not hot except for its looks. Piquant pepitas, bold vibrant red bell pepper, sweetcorn, black beans, and mushrooms, dressed with avocado oil. Get your Tex-Mex fix minus the carbs – keep on trucking!

Real whole food. All natural. Zero bad stuff.


5g net carbs | 6g plant-protein | 10g filling fiber | 17g yummy good fats | 210 calories

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KEHO Bar Tex Mex Moments

KEHO means ‘a living human body’ in Finnish

We make science deliciously digestible


Prebiotic Soluble Tapioca Fiber / Pecans / Pepitas / Macadamias / Red Bell Peppers / Sweet Corn / Black Beans / Avocado Oil / Mushrooms / Onion Flakes / Sea Salt / Sunflower Lecithin / Lime / Spices (Smoke Paprika / Cumin / Garlic / Chipotle Pepper / Red Pepper Flakes / Tomatillo / Chili / Oregano / Rosemary Extract)


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