Goalz Allulose – Keto Friendly – Sugar Free

Goalz Allulose

Goalz Allulose – Allulose is the new hot plant based sugar in the market. It is so popular that everyone is having hard time getting their hands on it. Allulose is great for baking and great as a coffee/tea sweetener.

Why Allulose?

  • All-Natural Plant-Based sweetener
  • Zero Net Carbs
  • Zero Glycemic Index
  • Keto Friendly
  • Tastes Like Sugar
  • No Aftertaste as in Stevia or Monk Fruit (Therefore no masking agents)
  • Measures almost same as sugar (Therefore no fillers)
  • Bakes as sugar, browns as sugar

Allulose has been in nature as long as we had fruits. It is called a rare sugar, as it is found in nature like in figs, dates, corn, etc in small amounts. Recently it is discovered that sugar can be fermented, exactly like we produce kombucha, to be able produce allulose.

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Goalz Allulose Sweetener

Goalz Allulose Sweetener

This is a 2 lbs of fine allulose. Great for confectionary use, desserts, and other baking purposes. It can also be used as a sweetener for drinks such as tea and coffee.

This Allulose is almost in powder form where the granules have mesh size between 70 to 80. This makes it perfect for all baking purposes, great for making frostings, puddings, jams, and ice-cream.




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What to Pay Attention to when Purchasing Allulose

First thing to look at is the ingredients. If there are any ingredients other than Allulose, you may want to skip that. Many brands add fillers to make Allulose measure one-to-one with sugar. It is best to go clean label and adjust the amount yourself. Goalz Allulose is pure Allulose!

Second thing is that you may prefer to get the finest granularity since some applications require almost powder form. This is what you are getting with Goalz Allulose.  This is the same Allulose used in Goalz Allulose Keto Chocolates.