ChocZero Chocolate Covered Almonds with Coconut – Keto Friendly – Low Carb

Keto chocolate covered almonds are delicious. That’s why we took healthy roasted almonds and coated them in a sugar free coconut candy then covered them in a layer of delectable no sugar added milk chocolate. These are our double dipped almonds: never cocoa dusted and full of keto friendly joy!

Individually wrapped in pairs for portion control, these are the perfect healthy lunchbox snack and on-the-go no added sugar treat. They’re the perfect mix of sweet and crunchy.

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ChocZero Chocolate Covered Almonds with Coconut

Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds with Coconut

  • Low carb and keto friendly: each almond is wrapped in a sugar free coconut shell and then coated in our premium low carb chocolate
  • Individually wrapped for mindful snacking and portion control
  • Real coconut flakes mixed into a creamy candy for the classic flavor of almond and coconut


ChocZero is a family owned chocolate factory in Southern California. Our mission is to make better chocolate. Since late 2016, we’ve made zero sugar chocolate with zero sugar alcohols. From day one, we carefully curated premium ingredients to provide a higher standard of sweet: we use real madagascar vanilla, fair-trade cocoa beans from South America, and low glycemic monk fruit in our chocolate bars and spreads. Eating less sugar is a lifestyle, not a diet–and we want to make it feel like a reward, not a punishment. Real food tastes really good.


Milk Chocolate Confection = (Chocolate Liquor / Cocoa Butter / Whole Milk Powder) Non-GMO Resistant Dextrin / Roasted Almonds / Coconut Shreds / Vegetable Oils and Fats = (Palm Fruit Oil / Coconut Oil / Cocoa Butter) / Monk Fruit Extract / Natural Flavors

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