Birthday Cake Keto Cookies

2 Count Resealable Bags Packed With 6.35 Ounce Size Of Fresh Premium Gourmet Flavored Taste Bites

Made With Almond Coconut Flour And Monk Fruit 3 Grams Of Net Carbohydrates And Protein Non GMO

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Birthday Cake Keto Cookies

Elephant Park Birthday Cake Keto Cookies Are Made With Simple Ingredients For A Tasty Alternative To Traditional Sweets Snacks That Are Low Carb, Low Sugar, Gluten Free And Grain Free. Regardless Of If You Follow A Ketogenic, Gluten Free, Diabetic, Or Low Carb Diet. No Added Preservatives Grain Free No Fillers Our Keto Cookies Are An Excellent Choice When You Want A Sweet, Crispy Dessert Treat Without All The Unwanted Sugar And Carbs Found In Regular Cookies With 6-12 Months Shelf Life



Almond Flour / Eggs / Butter / Butter Milk Colids / Soy Lecithin / Sodium Benzoate / Butter / Corn Fiber / Tapioca Fiber / Allulose / Sprinkles = (Sugar / Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil / Vegetable Oil = [Soybean Oil / Cottonseed Oil) / Glucose Corn Starch / Soy Lecithin / Confectioner's Glaze / Gum Arabic / Artificial Colors / Red 40 / Yellow 5 / Yellow 6 / Blue 1 / Carnauba Wax / Natural Flavors / Artificial Flavors) Coconut Flour / Whey Protein Isolate / Arrowroot Flour / Tapioca Flour / Xanthan Gum / Vanilla Flavor / Baking Soda / Salt / Dextrose / Corn Starch / Turmeric

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