Bev Keto Wine – California Sauvignon Blanc

Bev California Keto Wine Sauvignon Blanc is zippy, dry, and a little fizzy with aromatics of crisp green apple, white nectarine, and a light, fresh citrus finish. She’s never afraid to speak her mind and is a self-care queen! Spend a night out with Blanc and let your hair down!


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Bev Keto Wine – California Sauvignon Blanc

Bev Keto Wine – Sauvignon Blanc is only made with the best stuff and has no added sugar so you can have fun and still feel great the next day.

It all started with some unexpected medical issues and a series of pool parties to pay for them – but you can read more about that elsewhere 😉 This is a happy story and Bev has been waiting for you to write the ending.

Bev is not here just to give you an amazing drink (zero sugar and all!), but to change a culture & give you a few more things ‘Made by Chicks’. From their home in Venice to your fridge, Bev welcomes you to come along – one can at a time. So smile a little brighter, dance a little bigger, and join them on their journey –

Breaking the glass is a team effort. Bev is made by chicks, but it’s made for everyone. They believe that real change will come when women and men work together as equals and hold each other accountable in social spaces. Grab a Bev, grab a friend.


Spirits are not FDA regulated and there is no requirement for spirits to have a nutrition label or ingredients listed. This product does not display its ingredients.

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