Bang Caffeine Free Drink Birthday Cake Bash Flavor – Keto Friendly – Sugar Free – Low Carb

Bang® is not your typical sugar-filled, soul-sucking soda masquerading as an energy drink. If it’s just a jolt of energy you want, have a candy bar, wear a tinfoil hat in a lightning storm, or try one of the other “energy” drinks on the market. But if you’re looking for something to fuel your next workout or hike, if you want sustained energy, as well as peak mental and physical performance, Bang® is the energy drink for you! 

Every 16-ounce can of caffeine free Bang® — that’s right, no wimpy 12-ounce cans here — is sugar-free and has ZERO calories — yet it tastes great, with a variety of fantastic flavors to choose from!  

Bang® energy drinks also contain other ingredients designed to help you get more out of your workout, your day and your life… OK, that last one may be a little much, but Bang® generates that kind of enthusiasm! 

So, why waste time with other, dubious products? Get more Bang® for your buck by ordering your Bang product today!

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Bang Caffeine Free Drink Birthday Cake Bash Flavor

  • Bang Caffeine Free Drinks deliver all the Bang goodness without all the caffeine.
  • Beverages sweetened with sugar, like most energy drinks, lead to blood sugar elevations that can be bad for health. Ironically, in general, sugar is “bad” primarily because it is so easy for the body to utilize. However, once the body hits its glucose limit and glycogen stores are full, excess carbs are converted to triglycerides and stored as — you guessed it — fat. All Bang energy drinks are sugar-free and carb-free.
  • Bang energy drinks contain CoQ10 and the patented Super Creatine — the only form of creatine that is sustainable in liquid for an extended period
  • Bang energy drinks also contain essential amino acids (EAA Aminos). EAA Aminos are responsible for building and maintaining muscle. They are not produced by the body and must be obtained from outside sources.
  • Bang energy drinks are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, so they are perfect for any lifestyle or diet.
  • NO sugar
  • NO caffeine
  • EAAs
  • CoQ10
  • Zero calories
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten-free*

*Only the reformulated Bang® Energy drinks have been tested and verified to be gluten-free. If you receive cans that have “BCAA Aminos” instead of “EAA Aminos” printed on them, we cannot guarantee that they fall within the gluten-free guidelines


Carbonated Water / Citric Acid / Natural Flavors / EAAs / Beta-Alanine  Sodium Benzoate / Potassium Citrate Monohydrate / Sucralose / Phosphoric Acid / Super Creatine / Potassium Phosphate Dibasic / Vitamin C / Acesulfame Potassium / Potassium Sorbate / Magnesium Chloride / Calcium Chloride / Calcium Disodium EDTA / Vitamin B3 / Coenzyme Q10 / Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B12

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