Ballistic Keto MCT Oil Powder – Salted Caramel

Simple, Clean Energy – Formulated with YOU in mind!


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Ballistic Keto™ MCT Oil powder – Salted Caramel uses 95% high caliber C8-C10 MCTs to create the most ketogenic of all MCTs available

Using the unique metabolic properties of these MCTs, your body will not store them as fat. Instead, the MCTs will be turned into ketones to be used as a quick source of clean, simple, and effective fuel.

The Ballistic Keto team spent a long time getting MCT Oil Powder just right becasue we have the highest standards – just like we know you do.

Our powders are unsweetened, but if you prefer your keto on the sweet side, you can add the ketogenic-friendly sweetener you like best.


Medium-chain Triglycerides / Sodium Caseinate (a milk derivative) / Natural Flavors / Contains 2% or less of :  Silicon Dioxide / Sunflower Lecithin

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