Awake Chocolate Bites Peanut Butter – Sugar Free – Low Carb

Awake Chocolate Bites Peanut Butter

Awake Chocolate Bites with caffeine are perfect for that 3pm slump, our delicious NO SUGAR ADDED Dark Chocolate bites are only 60 calories each and contain as much caffeine as half a cup of joe without any added sugar, we call it KETO with a KICK!

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Awake Chocolate Bites Peanut Butter


Consuming one of our AWAKE Chocolate Bites has been known to inspire activities such as reading a news magazine cover-to-cover; formatting a fussy spreadsheet; washing a medium-shaggy dog; writing two insightful blog posts; playing a particularly festive game of Hearts; or perhaps introducing yourself to your latest crush.

Consume two pieces of AWAKE, and you are ready for serious action. Symptoms may include: building a log cabin from trees you felled yourself; inventing a new dance performed entirely on your hands; or–in some cases– leading the entire world in a harmonious song of love and peace.


Dark Chocolate = (Maltitol / Chocolate Liquor / Cocoa Butter / Whole Milk Powder / Soy Lecithin / Natural Vanilla Flavor) / Peanut Butter = (Peanuts / Modified Palm Oil / Salt)Butter Oil (Milk) / Palm Kernel Oil / Peanut FlourCaffeine / Vegetable Oil

**3+ Objectionable Ingredients = Lowest Meter Rating

Contains: Milk, Peanuts, Soy.

May Contain: Tree Nuts and Sulfites

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