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Today, due to our incredibly busy lifestyles, most of us are dependent on processed foods and quick grab and go snacks more than ever before. While the convenience of these processed foods and snacks is great, it is necessary to be mindful of what ingredients we are eating in each product so we can make healthy choices even when it comes to pre-packaged foods. This is where our extensive research and ratings of keto snacks and their ingredients will help.

Do you need healthy grab and go snacks that fit into your low-carb or keto diet? Do you want your whole family to switch to low-carb snacks? Are you confused as to what all of those hard to pronounce ingredients really are? Are you looking for a healthy alternative to your kids’ favorite munchies, but feel like you need a food science degree in order to decipher which products are healthy and which ones are not? If yes, then we can help you! As the leading keto products store on the Internet, I Heart Keto Mart’s team thoroughly searches the entire keto food market to come up with the best and most healthy ketosnacks and products for you, but even more importantly, we pull back the curtains on the ingredients so you can quickly and easily see what each food ingredient is and whether it has health benefits or health risks.

Browse our large range of keto snacks and keto products online and make your purchase today!

Our Most Loved, Healthy, and Delicious Keto Snacks

Some of our most popular keto friendly snacks and top sellers include:

Quevos BBQ Crisps | Shop the Best Keto Snacks

Quevos BBQ Egg White Crisps: Egg White Crisps pack in protein, fiber and healthy fats in every bag, but have only a couple net carbs. With a crunchy and boldly flavorful crisp that delivers the nutrition and purity of an egg white omelette, there’s finally a snack you can feel great about that fits perfectly in your day!

Bulletproof Protein Bar | The Best Keto Snacks

Bulletproof Vanilla Shortbread Protein Bar:  All Bulletproof products are delicious and good for you, but the Vanilla Shortbread Bulletproof Protein Bar is AMAZING! It has 11 grams of protein, no added sugar, is made with REAL vanilla and has the most delicious soft cookie-like shortbread texture. YUM!

Keto Snack Bar | Shop the Best Keto Snacks

Good To Go Raspberry Lemon Bar: Wanting something that feels like a cheat, but is actually good for you? The Good To Go Soft Baked Keto Snack Bar is the perfect, guilt-free snack that tastes like cake and has only 2g of sugar or less. Delicious to the very last bite. Great for any time, whether it’s a nutritious dessert swap, on the go, or whenever hunger strikes. Enjoy warmed up or as is. Keto-certified, gluten-free, grain-free, peanut-free, non-GMO project verified, and vegan.

Keto Jalapeno Beef Sticks | Favorite Keto Snacks

CHOMPS Jalapeno Beef Sticks: These incredibly yummy and healthy beef sticks are 100% Clean Keto Approved Ingredients! They are also made with sustainable sourced, 100% grass fed beef and 100% Acceptable limited other ingredients, these jerky sticks are protein packed, low fat, low carb, and sugar free.

Along with these keto snacks, we have many more quick and easy snacks to carry with you. So, whenever you or your kids have an impromptu craving for something tasty, you can enjoy these snacks without any guilt.

I Heart Keto Mart’s Rating System

At I Heart Keto Mart we believe that we are what we eat, so we better know what we’re eating. Following this mission, we maintain full transparency about the ingredients used in all of the products we carry on our site.

We have devised an easy-to-understand point-based keto rating system to rate the ingredients used in the products we have on our site. It also helps you know exactly what you are eating and feeding your family. On each product page, you will see an Ingredients tab under the Description Tab. When you click on the Ingredients tab, it will take you to the list of ingredients that are all coded as Acceptable, Debatable, or Objectionable. You may click on each ingredient to see what the ingredient is and why it received the rating it did. At the bottom of each ingredient description are the clickable sources we used to make or rating decisions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Acceptable: 5 points – These ingredients are 100% acceptable to the keto and low carb dieter. They are also typically clean and natural ingredients.
  • Debatable: 3 points – This rating is for ingredients that are either debated in the keto community (some believe the ingredient is acceptable and some believe it is objectionable) or the research shows it has potential to be harmful but more research is needed. We provide links to research so you can decide if this debatable ingredient is acceptable or objectionable for you personally. (We will never be the keto police. We are simply here to provide visibility and knowledge).
  • Objectionable: 1 point – These ingredients are typically known to cause spikes in blood sugar and/or stop ketosis, or they have potential negative side effects. Any product that has 3 or more objectionable ingredients is automatically given the lowest meter rating; however, the letter grade may still be high due to the amount of ingredients and the percentage the objectionable ingredients.

Browse Our Large Range of Keto Snacks and Make Your Purchase Online Today

At I Heart Keto Mart, we research all of the ingredients in the keto snacks on our site, so you don’t have to! All you need to do is look at the grade and meter rating on each product and decide which delicious keto snack you think will make a tasty and healthy addition to your keto pantry. It has never been simpler! Browse everything we have available and click on the Check Price / Order Options green button to shop online and buy the best keto snacks directly from the vendor today.

*Disclosure and Disclaimer: I Heart Keto Mart is not a health care provider. We are an online keto educational site that shares keto approved products and low carb products and defines and rates their ingredients. I Heart Keto Mart’s hope is that our viewers will educate themselves on “all-things ingredients” so they can easily identify keto approved ingredients and eliminate or greatly restrict unacceptable keto ingredients. I Heart Keto Mart is the best online keto store and online low carb store with 1000s of products and an informative blog that shares keto articles and keto recipes, interviews keto coaches and keto product manufacturers and so much more.  We are keto affiliates and each of the keto approved products we rate is linked to the vendor’s site where the product may be purchased. I Heart Keto Mart may earn a small commission from these sales. Amazon is one of these affiliates.

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