Wheat Protein Isolate

What is Wheat Protein Isolate?

Wheat protein isolate, or WPI, refers to the wheat protein that has been separated (physically and/or chemically) from other flour components, such as starch, fat, fiber, and simple sugars, found in the wheat kernel.

Commercial powdered wheat protein isolates usually have a minimum protein content of 90% and a moisture content close to 6%.

WPI can be used in the following product categories:

  • Keto baking
  • Low-calorie bakery products
  • Baby food
  • High-fiber multigrain bread
  • Corn tortillas
  • Egg-reduced sweet goods
  • Dry blend protein powders
  • Extruded products

Wheat protein isolate is a useful ingredient in low-carbohydrate or keto baking. Especially for non-wheat flours, like almond and coconut flour, which lack gluten-forming proteins. Here, WPI is essential for good superior gas retention and for proper product volume and aerated crumb texture.

Keto Status?



Typically, all wheat products are considered Objectionable, but wheat protein isolate has zero carbs. It is debated in the keto community as it is believed best to avoid all wheat products. Others approve because of the zero carbs and believe it does not affect blood sugar or insulin. We rate it debatable and believe you should test your own blood sugar after eating it to see how it affects you.

Side Effects From Ingesting Wheat Protein Isolate?

May raise insulin and glucose and stop ketosis. Is not a gluten-free ingredient.

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