Cheese Cultures

Acceptable Keto Ingredient

What are Cheese Cultures?

Cheese cultures are a group of specific “friendly” bacteria strains that are combined in order to make a particular type of cheese. They are also used to help good bacteria in the milk flourish and lead to a richer and more developed flavor. All cultures accomplish the same basic task–their primary function is to raise the acidity of milk by absorbing the lactose (a natural sugar found in milk) and transforming it into lactic acid. This part is especially beneficial in the cheesemaking process for three reasons:

  • The acid helps the milk split into particles called curds–an essential ingredient to produce cheese.
  • Lactic acid causes milk to become more acidic by consuming the sugar inside the milk.
  • After this process, the cheese begins to formulate its unique flavor, texture, and smell.

Keto Status?



Crucial to cheese-making and friendly bacteria with no carbs.

Possible Side Effects From Ingesting Cheese Cultures?

N/A if no allergies are present


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