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1. How do I use this site?

Questions and Answers About Keto Products

We’re thrilled you are here and are happy to answer your Keto FAQs.

The I Heart Keto Mart website was designed to help you learn about the ingredients in foods available to the keto community. You can scan the items at a surface glance, take a quick dive, or you can take a deep dive into the research and resources we use to make our grading decisions.

Surface Glance:
Each product has a meter and a letter grade. Please see our Grading Guide Here. You may simply choose a product based on our meter rating and letter grade.

Quick Dive:
On each product page, you will see an ingredients tab next to the description tab. This tab will list all of the ingredients and highlight them in Green, Yellow, or Red. Green means acceptable keto ingredients, yellow means debatable keto ingredients, and red means objectionable keto ingredients. If you click on any ingredient, it will take you to a page explaining the ingredient and why it received the rating it did.

Deep Dive:
If you want to look into the sources and research used to make our decision on the ratings, you may click on the links at the bottom of the page marked “Source.”  These will take you to the articles used for our resources.

For a more detailed explanation of our rating process, please visit our Ratings Guide Page.

2. How do I order one of your products?

We are an affiliate website, so you don’t order any of the products directly from us. When you go to a product’s page, you will see a green button that says “Check Price / More Info.” When you click on this button, it will take you directly to the manufacturer’s page or to Amazon (depending on the shipping source) where you will complete your order.

Keto Product Ratings and Questions and Answers

3. How do I learn more about the Ketogenic Diet?

There is so much information about the ketogenic diet on the internet. Instead of reinventing the wheel and having all of the keto basics on our site, we decided to give you links to a couple of the best ketogenic information websites that will answer all of your keto FAQs:

4. How often do you add new products?

We are constantly adding new products. If we ever get to a time when new products are not being added, we will let you know. It is a time-consuming process to do the research and figure out the equations, and add the products to our site, but rest assured, our crew is hard at work getting your favorite products added. If you are wondering if a certain product is on our list to add, feel free to go here to suggest a new product for us to review.

5. What if one of your products is sold out?

All of the products on our site are sold and shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, so you will want to reach out to them with any questions or problems with your order or product.

6. How long is shipping for your products?

Each product is shipped directly from the manufacturer. You will want to ask the manufacturer directly how long shipping takes for their product.

7. How much is shipping for your products?

As each product ships directly from the manufacturer, their shipping rates will vary. Most manufacturers have free shipping if you spend a certain amount.

8. What if there is no discount code on the product page?

Not all of our manufacturers offer a discount code on their products. If one is available, you will see it right above the “Check Price / More Info” button on our product pages.


We’re always happy to help!


I Heart Keto Mart is not a health care provider. We are an online keto educational site that shares keto approved products and low carb products and defines and rates their ingredients. I Heart Keto Mart’s hope is that our viewers will educate themselves on “all things ingredients” so they can easily identify keto approved ingredients and eliminate or greatly restrict unacceptable keto ingredients. I Heart Keto Mart is the best online keto store and online low carb store with 1000s of products and an informative blog that shares keto articles and keto recipes, interviews keto coaches and keto product manufacturers and so much more.  We are keto affiliates and each of the keto approved products we rate is linked to the vendor’s site where the product may be purchased. I Heart Keto Mart may earn a small commission from these sales. Amazon is one of these affiliates.