Becky Niles – Reclaiming Health Keto Coach

, April 4, 2023,

Becky Niles – Reclaiming Health – Keto Coach

I met Becky Niles through Keto Kamp Academy. She was the coach I chose to work with, as I so resonated with her story. Becky used anecdotal research to reverse many of her medical and emotional issues through an aligned holistic approach. She is a wealth of knowledge and education. I encourage you to read her interview and reach out for coaching. Becky can help you get your health back!

Becky Niles


I Heart Keto Mart (IHKM) – What inspired you to become a coach and how long have you been coaching?

Coach Becky: After birthing three children, I found that my body no longer bounced back like it did in my younger years. I had stubborn excess weight & hormonal challenges due to a hysterectomy at the age of 30. I was dealing with emotional issues, poor gut health, cardiac issues, asthma, pre-diabetic, and thyroid/autoimmune issues that plagued me and led to further weight gain. This led to my needing to be on 7 different medications. I also did genetic testing revealing that I had a high likelihood of other chronic diseases. I knew I needed to take charge and heal myself vs treating symptoms with meds, and there was no better time than NOW!

I tried many commercial diet plans, which yielded no results and left me tired, hungry, and still weighing 200+ pounds. Once I started implementing the approach I share with my coaching clients, which I have outlined in my guide, for the first time in my life, I found freedom from dieting, food stress, and emotional issues. I started seeing the benefits of healing with an aligned holistic approach.  I healed myself with an animal-based/whole foods and intuitive circadian-aligned approach. I love helping my clients with my six intuitive steps.

Becky Niles

I started my wellness & lifestyle journey nine years ago on my own personal crusade to fix my deteriorating health. First, I just looked at the toxic items I was adding topically to my body and became an essential oil director. I knew I needed to look beyond that to the body as a whole, not just what went on my skin but in my mouth, what was seen through my eyes, etc. As I gravitated toward a  natural lifestyle I went to whole foods Keto. Soon after, processed keto junk foods came out and became an unhealthy portion of my diet. I went back to eliminating foods I reacted poorly to and found myself in a high-fat elimination (carnivore) approach.

I became a carnivore and fasting coach where I support clients through Revero (Formerly MeatRx). I support the platform by being its Community Manager & Liaison/Host-Coach. I host several supportive meetings consistently on various health-related topics. I am available to encourage clients to find optimal health. As well as coaching clients & empowering them on their health journey while teaching knowledge along the way. I also advocate for coaches while assisting platform community members and directly helping leaders.

In addition to Revero I started my own coaching practice and my own coaching community focusing beyond just nutrition. I help several clients as well as furthering my education along the way taking nutritional as well as weight loss specialist courses through NASM. I also then looked beyond nutrition to a circadian/Quantum outlook for a more holistic approach for a well-rounded journey. I got certified through Quantum Biology Collective where I still reside on their directory panel.

In July of 2022, I was contacted by four times best-selling author, Ben Azadi, to join his program Keto Kamp Academy as a client specialist and client success coach. As their coach, I encourage clients in finding their optimal health through support and accountability meetings. I coach clients one on one, to empower their health journey while teaching knowledge along the way. I also work collaboratively with the team in a group meeting setting.

Keto Kamp Academy

My passion to help other people find their optimal health grew.

IHKM – What do you think sets the ketogenic / carnivore and/or low-carb diets apart from other diets?

Coach Becky – The elimination of many toxins within our foods allows the body to find its internal health naturally. When we cut the toxic seed oils & sugars out, we are able to be in tune with our bodies’ signaling process. Satiety is easier to recognize because of proper hunger hormone signals. We become more metabolically healthy with fewer chronic conditions such as insulin and leptin resistance, diabetes, autoimmune, etc.

IHKM – What business challenges have you faced starting your coaching practice?

Teaching clients information that goes against mainstream information – to rethink and relearn such as:

  • Sugar is addictive and harmful to the body
  • There are 8 toxic oils such as Vegetable, Corn, Soybean, Canola, etc
  • That saturated fats aren’t bad for us
  • That Keto/Carnivore/Low carb aren’t FAD diets but a lifestyle
  • That other areas of our lifestyle are important also (sleep, circadian routine, stress management, movement)

IHKM – What is the response to practicing a ketogenic diet and recommending it to your clients from your traditional coaching peers and the coaching community?

Coach Becky – It is more widely accepted now than even just 5-10 years ago! Many colleagues are open to implementing it as well

IHKM – What are the biggest hurdles you face with success with your clients?

Coach Becky – I really haven’t had many hurdles when I break my process down into baby steps and achievable habits. They are able to make small changes and stack the habits into their day. It’s a consistent routine that isn’t complicated. It’s just getting back to natural living and away from many modernized conveniences including processed foods and artificial lighting.

IHKM – Why do you think the health community is slow to accept the health benefits of a whole foods low carb or ketogenic diet?

Coach Becky – We live in a fast-paced, burn-the-candle-at-both-ends type of society that likes the convenience factor. Aka Grab and Go. Also, because what’s been instilled into them is the “my plate” and the “food pyramid guidelines” that the government endorses and approves.

IHKM – Can you provide an example of a successful case study and how the ketogenic diet helped the individual?

Coach Becky –

  1. I have a client who was bedbound with MS. After we changed her way of eating and focused on my steps of lifestyle practices she is now fully able to complete daily tasks (work, cook, etc) as well as walk a mile in the mornings!
  2. I have a 76-year-old client who reversed her chronic conditions. She gained her memory back and has gone through two major surgeries for pre-existing issues and she had a speedy healing/recovery time with proper nutrition & lifestyle.
  3. I had a cancer client who put cancer into remission without chemotherapy. By living a keto carnivore lifestyle with my natural holistic approach, she has also put on 17 lbs of lean muscle mass.

IHKM – What are your “go-to” research sources when debating the benefits of keto?

Coach Becky – I Look at myself as a double-sided coin, having both the research and training, but also the anecdotal research and experience on myself. I don’t coach something that I haven’t fully researched or implemented myself (which is why I get called the Data Nerd). I will read multiple articles from many different perspectives and also studies from Pubmed, Google Scholar, plus a few others. But also I coach on several platforms where I hear the testimonies, anecdotal stories, and accounts every day.

IHKM – How is your coaching approach different than other approaches?

Coach Becky – I take a look beyond just dogmatic nutrition into how to structure a proper circadian routine, practices of getting the body into a parasympathetic state, benefits of ground/earthing, when we connect to nature, and proper sleep cycles, but also provide support and accountability along the way.

IHKM – Do you have any books, articles, or products we can share with our viewers?

I have a personal coaching guide on my site that is a 28 pg comprehensive guide to my areas of wellness focus.

I also have a Fat Fasting Masterclass that is set up in a course format.

As well as several different coaching programs available to the individual needs.

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